HSBC Centre (Advisory)

580 George Street was in need of an energy efficiency improvement upgrade to help meet its target NABERS Energy rating of 4+ Stars.

Having been designed in the 80s and completed in 1988, common plant served both the office tower and retail area, inhibiting the building’s overall energy performance.

As part of a collaboration with major tenant HSBC, and as part of an Energy Performance Contract (EPC), GPT Group undertook a building plant upgrade to improve energy efficiency and achieve a minimum 4.5 Star NABERS Base Building Energy rating.

A.G. Coombs Advisory assisted A.G. Coombs Projects in delivering the EPC. The EPC involved a number of Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) specifically designed to improve the building’s NABERS Base Building Energy rating to 4+ Stars.

Several energy improvement initiatives were identified, designed and implemented, including:

  • A chilled water plant upgrade.
  • A Building Management and Control System (BMS) upgrade.
  • Condenser water system engineering.
  • Lighting upgrade works.
  • Extensive building tuning.
  • Additional energy metering.

The initiatives drove immediate improvements to energy performance, with the building soon operating above the target 4+ Star NABERS Base Building Energy rating. The findings also helped to future-proof the facility for further improvements across the building’s lifecycle.

Working with A.G. Coombs on the EPC has proved to be a great partnership. The depth of experience within the A. G. Coombs organisation - from the design office through to the site team - has supported a smooth project delivery, as we tackle a range of challenging issues that are part of rolling out this highly technical project in a fully occupied building.

Rebecca Cleary, Capital Works Manager, JLL

Project Overview

Project Name: HSBC Centre (580 George Street)

Location: NSW

Client: GPT Group

Year Completed: 2012

Project Type

Energy Initiatives Review (Energy Initiatives Review; specialist technical support services, engineering and commissioning advice)


  • Guaranteed 4+ Star NABERS Base Building Energy rating (achieved 4.5 Star under the EPC; the building has since achieved a 5.0 Star NABERS Energy rating).
  • EPC successfully implemented with services delivered on time and on budget.
  • Optimised performance of proven building services technologies to maximise GPT Group’s return on investment.
  • Identification of several tailored carbon reduction initiatives that exceeded environmental targets and future-proofed the building for continued optimal energy performance.
  • Successful delivery of upgraded energy reporting.

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