Quality Building Services for Quality Care

Healthcare facilities are complex environments featuring multiple critical treatment and life supporting systems that must be designed, constructed and maintained for very long periods with attention to detail and to the highest standard.

We understand that the quality of facilities and the way they are maintained has a direct bearing on the quality of patient care, as well as the experience of staff and visitors.

We have extensive experience and expertise providing the highest quality building services in a wide range of leading Australian healthcare facilities.

A.G. Coombs did not allow the complexity of the project to interfere with service delivery. Their technical expertise and strong understanding of healthcare environments drove their ability to complete the rebuild with minimal disruption to our live operating environment. A.G. Coombs’ success has seen the Hospital award them with further projects including the installation of a new operating theatre, an infill building upgrade, a peri-op fit-out and the installation of a temporary boiler. With A.G. Coombs, we know they will respond, and we know they will succeed. We can always rely on them.

Leanne Chappell, Director of Capital Works, Royal Melbourne Hospital

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