Integrated Technical Management

We specialise in providing operationally-focused technical services for facilities that are complex or operationally critical, including Data Centres, major government complexes, critical healthcare facilities, laboratories and large commercial complexes.

Many organisations are looking beyond day-to-day task-based maintenance, adopting a better managed approach that results in more effective expenditure of funds to deliver improved system reliability and performance, extended asset life and enhanced energy efficiency.

ITM leverages Group’s technical expertise and specialist capabilities, together with other leading industry specialists, to deliver solutions focused on customer and facility requirements in the areas of Technical Facilities Management, Technical Project Management and Strategic Advice.

Technical Facility Management

Our technical personnel can seamlessly integrate into your overall facility operational structures in the planning and delivery of integrated technical services.

  • On-site staffing with customer and operationally focused technical staff.
  • Multiple site and campus management.
  • Bundled services and services procurement.
  • Quality reporting and procedure documentation.
Technical Project Management

Integrated Technical Management offers operationally focused project management and delivery.

  • Technically led with proven operational knowledge and ability.
  • Holistic approach that integrates site systems and technical specialists.
  • Change management and operational risk analysis.
  • Technical director on behalf of customer, providing overview and coordination.
Strategic Advice

Integrated Technical Management assists industry with leading advice and support.

  • Operational strategies and procedures.
  • System analysis from an integrated operational and risk perspective.
  • Capital works and infrastructure advice.
  • Plant and equipment reviews.

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We’ve been impressed with ITM’s integrated service offering and their standout technical expertise in managing the building and its systems for ongoing optimal operational performance, which effectively enables us to remain open and welcome our thousands of visitors each year.

Matthew Riches, Assistant Manager Operational Support, Questacon