Telecommunications & Data Centres

Practical solutions for today’s Data Centre challenges

Across all industries, telecommunications systems and Data Centres underpin the operation of business applications and processes.

These systems are mission critical; not just for government and business, but the entire economy. Maintaining absolute reliability, capacity and efficiency is critical for this fast growing backbone of Australia’s infrastructure.

A.G. Coombs has extensive experience and expertise working in critical telecommunications and IT environments and a detailed understanding of these facilities and their requirements at all stages of their lifecycle.

Assessment Planning and Design - assessing where you are today and planning for tomorrow

Energy PUE Assessment – reduce energy consumption and costs. An A.G. Coombs Energy Assessment will identify where power is being consumed within the facility, calculate the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) industry benchmark and provide strategies for driving power efficiency improvements.

Capacity Assessment – align Data Centre capacity planning with ICT growth projections. An A.G. Coombs Data Centre Capacity Assessment will analyse the rated capacity and load of key electrical and cooling systems and provide recommendations on best fit solutions for extending capacity to meet your ICT growth projections.

Resilience Assessment – assess configuration and condition of key facility infrastructure. An A.G. Coombs ICT Facility Resilience Assessment will assess the conditional resilience of your facility relative to your ICT availability requirements and provide recommendations for improvement.

Concept Design – maximise availability, scalability and efficiency. When upgrading or building a new facility, we can tailor a design to suit your needs and your site. Using industry standards and next generation design best practice, we will help you explore critical design decisions and trade-offs between cost, availability, energy efficiency, scalability, capacity and spatial requirements.

Infrastructure Upgrades and Point Solutions - extending the life of the facility through critical infrastructure upgrades

Existing ICT facilities – upgrade using vendor independent solutions.
A.G. Coombs is experienced in delivering infrastructure upgrades in live ICT environments. We understand the need to avoid or minimise downtime during upgrade works and will design and manage change accordingly. We can assist with sizing of new facility infrastructure as well as technical evaluation of different vendor products relative to your needs.

Construction - designing and Building next generation Data Centre and Telecommunication Facilities

New facilities – build technical ICT facilities with confidence. A.G. Coombs has extensive Data Centre design and construct project experience – both new and upgrading existing facilities. We can provide a head contract solution covering the design, construction, procurement and installation of key Data Centre and telecommunication infrastructure for data halls and plant rooms. A typical project scope includes building works (walls, floor, ceiling, hot/cold aisle air containment systems), mechanical works (cooling systems, heat rejection plant), electrical works (sub-mains, switchboards, rack power reticulation, UPS systems, generator systems), fire protection works (smoke detection, gas suppression), data cabling and ICT racks. With engineering and technical backgrounds, the A.G. Coombs project team ensure all specialist work is performed to high standards and in accordance with industry regulations.

Commissioning and integrated testing – integrate and test before running live ICT systems. A.G. Coombs has specialist capability in the management, planning and coordination of ICT facility infrastructure commissioning and testing activities. The approach includes integrated commissioning across all services; ensuring individual services packages and their interfaces are commissioned as a complete system. We can assist you with: a commissioning design review preparation of a commissioning management plan comprehensive inspection and system integration testing.

Operations - supporting mission critical Data Centres and Telecommunications facilities

Technical facility management – manage your Data Centre for high availability outcomes. Integrated Technical Management (ITM) provides specialist technical services for Data Centre and ICT facility management. ITM brings practical facility management and operations experience through a continuum of tailored services including a ‘trusted advisor’ relationship, where an experienced ITM facility manager provides independent technical and operational advisory services to your operations team, out-tasking of key Data Centre operational functions, such as change management, capacity planning, maintenance management, problem management or staff training, and full outsource of your Data Centre’s technical FM requirements.

Service – maximise operating reliability, efficiency and longevity of critical Data Centre infrastructure. A.G. Coombs provides quality preventative maintenance, essential safety maintenance and emergency breakdown support across critical multivendor Data Centre infrastructure. We can service cooling systems (CRAC and in-row coolers, chillers, cooling towers), electrical systems (switchboards, UPSs, generators) and fire systems (VESDA and gas suppression). Programmed preventative and essential safety maintenance: 24/7 comprehensive support:

  • Single point of contact
  • SLA reporting

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We are impressed by A.G. Coombs’ ability to demonstrate a broad knowledge and understanding of Data Centre functionality. Additionally, we were particularly pleased with the quality of services delivered by the A.G. Coombs team. A high level of support was exhibited across the entire project, which helped to ensure smooth project implementation and favourable results within an often challenging and tight schedule that was critical to our requirements.

Anton Borg, Project Manager, Property & Campus Services, The University of Melbourne