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A 75-Year History

Headquartered in Melbourne, A.G. Coombs was established by Allan George Coombs in August 1945 at the end of the Second World War. A plumber by trade, Allan possessed nothing but a pushbike, a kit of tools and a bucket-load of determination when he started his business.

Assisted by a small loan, Allan purchased an Austin utility truck, appointed his first apprentice and built a garage and workshop in the backyard of his brother’s home. 


Our Landmark

An unparalleled range of technical building services with proven capabilities in a wide range of specialist facilities including;

Commercial, Healthcare, Telecommunications and Data Centres, Government, Education, Arts & Recreation, Retail, Transport and Infrastructure, Industrial and Finance.


Rod Laver Arena Redevelopment
Melbourne University Maintenance
Royal Children's Hospital
Post Entry Quarantine (PEQ) Facility
NBN Ground Stations
International Convention Centre (ICC), Sydney Redevelopment
171 Collins Street Melbourne
Dr Chau Chak Wing Building
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What's Ahead

For 75 years, A.G. Coombs has been Bringing Buildings to Life providing specialist building services to Australia’s buildings. As we take a look at what’s ahead, A.G. Coombs will continue to stay innovative by directing focus towards key drivers in the success and future of the Building Services Industry. 


Excellence Through People


Building Services Specialists

A.G. Coombs’ Technical Capability is unparalleled in the industry.

Offering a complete range of technical services across a building’s lifecycle, we have a large team of industry-leading Engineers and Technical Specialists experienced in identifying, implementing and managing the best solutions for your facility.

+ HVAC, Mechanical and Multi-Service Installations

+ Design and Construct HVAC

+ Project Management

+ Building Automation and Controls

+ Central Energy Plant

+ Industrial Process Piping, Ferrous and Non Ferrous

+ Steam generation and reticulation systems

+ Clean Rooms and Environmental Control Systems

+ Balancing, Commissioning and Tuning

Integrated fire protection systems design, construction and installation, commissioning and warranty, project management, and ongoing inspection, testing and essential safety measures management, for the following systems in line with legislative requirements and Australian Standards.

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+ On-site generation, co- and tri-generation

+ LV electrical distribution systems

+ HV electrical distribution systems

+ Lighting design and installation

+ Lighting control systems

+ Energy efficiency lighting upgrades

+ Energy metering and reporting systems

+ Energy management systems

+ Portable and specialist water treatment and reticulation systems

+ Building waste and stormwater systems

+ Blackwater recycling systems

+ Greywater recycling systems

+ Rainwater harvesting systems

+ Specialist waste collection and treatment systems

+ Building Management and Controls Systems (BMCS)

+ Direct Digital Control

+ Lighting Control Systems

+ Energy Metering and Monitoring Systems

+ BMCS Analytics Systems

Our Markets

No matter what it is, where it is, or how old it is, we have building services solutions to benefit your business.

We work nationally with building owners, constructors, project managers, property managers, facility managers, occupants and tenants alike across a wide range of market sectors.

Leading Australian provider of specialist building services, A.G. Coombs, has a wealth in experience in delivering advice, projects, service, technical management, holistic asset management, energy efficiency, and fire services solutions to a wide range of commercial buildings.

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Healthcare facilities are complex environments featuring multiple critical treatment and life supporting systems that must be designed, constructed and maintained for very long periods with attention to detail and to the highest standard.

We understand that the quality of facilities and the way they are maintained has a direct bearing on the quality of patient care, as well as the experience of staff and visitors.

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With a wide ranging experience in the design, installation, maintenance and management of building services systems in educational facilities, A.G. Coombs can help to deliver comfortable, safe and effective educational spaces for teaching, learning and research.

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Across all industries, telecommunications systems and Data Centres underpin the operation of business applications and processes.

These systems are mission critical; not just for government and business, but the entire economy. Maintaining absolute reliability, capacity and efficiency is critical for this fast growing backbone of Australia’s infrastructure.

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A.G. Coombs has extensive experience working in government facilities; from advice and design through to installation, commissioning, technical support and ongoing maintenance – across high security military, intelligence, court and bio security facilities through to large government office portfolios.

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Sports stadiums, art galleries, museums, libraries and entertainment venues all have special requirements. Patron experience, comfort, and safety through to unique event requirements and high-value art and artefact conservation are just some of the particular needs for these facilities.

A.G. Coombs is a recognised leader in providing building services to arts and recreation facilities.

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The finance sector relies on high performing and reliable building services to support corporate operations and critical facilities like data centres.

A.G Coombs’ experience in this sector over many years ranges from world-leading corporate headquarters buildings and campuses, Tier One Data Centres through to national retail branch networks.

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A.G. Coombs provides building services to retail environments ranging from the construction of new town centres, major wholesale markets and shopping malls through to major refurbishments and additions – from design and construction through to integrated technical management, technical advice and ongoing round-the-clock maintenance and support to ensure smooth operation and great retail environments.

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Major transport facilities, including airports, railway stations, road networks, tunnels, and ports, together with infrastructure such as water distribution systems and treatment plants, energy generators and distributers and telecommunications networks, are essential parts of our modern world.

They all depend on quality, well designed, installed, managed and maintained building services systems.

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Successfully working in an industrial setting, whether it be design and installation, maintenance or providing advice, requires a very good understanding of the processes involved and the application of proven systems by experienced people. There are always important process, operational, people and safety issues that must be kept front of mind.

A.G. Coombs has extensive experience and expertise working in a wide range of industries including automotive production, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, food processing and printing.

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Our Services

Whole-of-life Building Services

As the leading Australian provider of specialist building services, we offer an integrated range of technical services for all systems in buildings; from advice and design through to installation, commissioning, maintenance and ongoing operation and management.

Teamwork and innovation sets us apart

Regarded as the industry-leading specialist provider for air conditioning, mechanical services and multi services installations, we are renowned for our project management skills and for providing high levels of expertise for large, complex and technically advanced projects.

Our flexible structure also offers excellent service for smaller projects, with no compromise to quality or project outcomes.

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Improved Reliability, Lower Costs, Reduced Risks, Energy Efficiency

A.G. Coombs Service is a specialist building services maintenance provider. We provide professionally managed, highly qualified technical staff to achieve improved reliability, energy efficiency, and regulatory compliance.

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Practical Technical Services Across all Building Systems

With a strong mix of specialist expertise and depth and breadth of practical experience, A.G. Coombs Advisory is a leading provider of technical services for all building systems.

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Technical facilities Management Services and Innovative Engineering Solutions

We specialise in providing operationally-focused technical building services for facilities which are complex or operationally challenging, including Data Centres, major government complexes, critical healthcare facilities, laboratories and large commercial complexes.

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Fire Management Solutions

High quality, independent technical advice and support to help identify the best fire and life safety solution for you.

We are experts in complex, high risk and mission critical sites, and are renowned for our reliable and cost-effective essential services maintenance and management to ensure statutory obligations are met. At the heart of our advice is a passion for keeping people safe and protecting assets.

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Pioneering Large-Scale Prefabricated Services in Australian Construction

Vertical and horizontal services modules, and plant rooms in whole or in sections, are constructed in A.G. Coombs’ integrated prefabrication facility and transported to site for installation. 

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