Reconciliation Action Plan

A.G. Coombs are proud to launch our Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), building on the foundation laid by our Reflect RAP – an important initial step in our reconciliation journey.

As our journey continues, we remain committed to reinforcing and extending our partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to increase respect, understanding and meaningful collaboration.
Our vision remains clear, to embed the recognition, acknowledgement, and celebration of the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians within the A.G. Coombs Group of Companies and the industries we lead. We acknowledge and thank our many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander partner organisations, communities and indigenous employees who have kindly provided guidance and learnings through our reconciliation journey.
We also acknowledge Reconciliation Australia who have provided support and guidance whilst challenging us through the framework in developing measurable targets and activities to ensure we have a clear pathway to be successful.
We are very pleased to be launching our Innovate RAP to our employees, clients, stakeholders, and the wider communities in which we work, and we look forward to communicating our progress along the journey.

Our Commitment, in Writing

As Australia’s leading Building Services Specialist, we recognised our role in leading the conversation and effecting the necessary change in the area of reconciliation. From our commencement, we have been committed to growing and maintaining a culturally and linguistically diverse team of employees.


Download our ‘Innovate’ Reconciliation Action Plan here.

The Artwork: More than One Story 

This piece is about connection and growth. It speaks to the lands and communities coming together, where the people come to meet, trade and grow with one another. This connection is key to the success of its peoples, the ground you walk on and the spirits that have come before you. These pathways have always been here, they are rooted in the ground. It’s now time for the next mob to travel on them. They are sacred.

The story of A.G. Coombs is reflected in this piece. It tells the stories of all the spirits and souls that live, breathe and work in these spaces. Everyone far and wide, but all connected. It’s for the people, by the people. The pathways have always been there, but are always growing.

The Artist: Michelle Kerrin

Michelle Kerrin is a proud Arrernte and Luritja woman from the Northern Territory. Her artwork not only speaks to her personal experiences but intertwines with her work and passion working with young mob in community. Alongside her role as an artist, Michelle currently works with the Michael Long Centre, a space for Aboriginal youth leadership.

Michelle beautifully portrays the role of storytelling through her art, in which she shares her ‘lil wun stories’ and own Culture throughout her pieces. Her honest expression, through the use of colours and symbols, has led her to collaborate with multiple organisations and businesses, including international brand Cadbury Roses, Health fund NIB, the Richmond Football Club, and Moe Moe Designs.

Michelle continues to be open and truthful with her art and shares her ongoing connections with her Culture and peoples – “I paint the symbols from our communities, the lines of my Country, and the colours of these lands. It brings a feeling of belonging and gives me a sense of purpose in my community and life for my people. When I paint, I get lost in the strokes, dots, and colours. My mind is at ease. I make sure I paint with my feelings and through that comes a story.”

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