Government Services Division

The Government Services Division (GSD) portfolio occupies over half a million square metres of building space and spans over 350 individual sites across multiple owned and leased State government departments and agencies.

A.G. Coombs Service is delivering large mechanical services and building controls maintenance services to the entire portfolio, which encompasses a wide variety of building types, including heritage listed. Mechanical services maintenance is provided to a large range of equipment and systems of varying age and complexity, which make up the buildings’ mandated Essential Safety Measures. The maintenance contracts are managed centrally through A.G. Coombs’ National Customer Service in an integrated process that takes in the complex logistics required for effective service delivery. The process also considers the Victorian government accommodation guidelines for minimum environmental and energy efficiency ratings for its accommodation, and helps to ensure service consistency, regulatory compliance and, particularly for high profile government buildings, safety and security at each site.

The key challenge is the contract’s vast scope, which is being addressed via centralised processes and the creation of a detailed asset register.

It takes a sophisticated service delivery model to successfully manage the complex logistics of a large multiple government department contract. Originally comprising just 32 mainly CBD-based buildings, A.G. Coombs Service has successfully expanded its coverage to the new Statewide portfolio. Their integrated approach and effective delivery of maintenance services with skilled and well managed technical staff is a very important element in the provision of comfortable, healthy, safe and energy efficient accommodation for the Victorian State Government.

Thomas Jacmenovic, Facility Manager for the GSD contract, Brookfield Multiplex (2012)

Project Overview

Project Name: Government Services Division (GSD)

Location: VIC

Client: Brookfield Multiplex Services

Project Type

Mechanical and HVAC maintenance services; building controls maintenance


  • Effective management and planning of plant and its lifecycle operation through the asset register, which is leading to improved equipment and system reliability and optimised replacement and maintenance costs.
  • Effective building controls maintenance to ensure system reliability and energy efficiency.
  • Safe delivery of all services driven by A.G. Coombs’ best practice safety management system, which is certified to Australian Standard AS4801, and the Victorian Government’s SafetyMAP Advanced system, together with well trained personnel.

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