Charter Hall

In the Charter Hall Victorian building portfolio, an Energy Optimisation Program implemented by A.G. Coombs, in conjunction with facility manager Knight Frank and the property owner, has seen the use of the Building Management and Controls Systems, and a significant advance in control strategy, to better manage the buildings’ energy consuming systems.

The primary focus of the Energy Optimisation Program for Charter Hall‘s Victorian building portfolio has been the Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning systems. Typically, these consume around 50% of the buildings’ energy consumption, constitute the majority of the energy efficiency improvement potential and, conversely, the greater part of the energy wastage risk.

A structured tuning program was devised and applied to the HVAC systems to iteratively improve the way the systems and their subsystems work together to provide comfort conditions and ventilation in the buildings. The Energy Optimisation Program followed a detailed planning and management regime that continually engaged and ensured alignment of the facility stakeholders. The activities of the program were integrated into both the operational management processes of the facility manager and the practices of the owner.

The success of the Program provides encouragement to those many building owners and facility managers challenged with improving the environmental performance of their assets within a viable commercial framework It offers a clear demonstration of the extent of the improvements that are possible from optimising existing systems, and how to go about achieving these.

Project Overview

Project Name: Charter Hall Victorian Building Portfolio

Location: VIC

Client: Knight Frank Australia

Project Type

Building Energy Optimisation Project (BEOP)


  • The Energy Optimisation Program was independently assessed in 2013 as responsible for a weighted average uplift of 18.5% in energy efficiency. This equated to emissions savings equivalent to taking 1,850 cars off the road and energy cost savings of $864,000.
  • Produced an investment simple pay back of 0.67 (cost/savings).
  • Delivered a wide range of additional facility benefits including improved occupant comfort, water savings and improved plant lifecycles.
  • The Program has been extended to additional facilities. It has proved very successful, achieving effective and lasting energy efficiency improvements and clearly demonstrating the ability of existing buildings to operate at modern standards of energy efficiency.


  • 2015 Energy Efficiency Council National Energy Efficiency Awards - Leading Energy User, excellence in energy management.
  • The 2013 API Excellence in Property Awards (Vic Division) - Industry Award.

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