Bendigo Kangan Institute

A.G. Coombs Service was selected to deliver plant and equipment maintenance services to the 6-campus, 37-building Kangan Institute of TAFE.

The team has demonstrated ongoing commitment, professionalism and a responsive service to achieve optimum building performance. On-site technicians have proactively maintained the sites, carrying out systematic scanning, testing and checking of plant functionality, ensuring operational efficiency.

To carry out the work effectively and efficiently, A.G. Coombs Service uses innovative field service technology, including the use of handheld Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs). Information relating to the work is directly dispatched to the technicians via A.G. Coombs’ National Customer Service Centre.

To understand the condition and projected lifecycle of Kangan Institute’s complete plant and equipment portfolio, A.G. Coombs undertook a comprehensive condition audit and asset report that identified and fully detailed all plant and equipment, addressing age, condition, anticipated service life and replacement value.

Since the first day of the contract A.G. Coombs approached this challenge with outstanding vigour and enthusiasm. I am extremely satisfied with the performance of A.G. Coombs in their service interpretation, application and professionalism and believe it would be very difficult to source a company at present who could deliver a higher level of service, commitment and innovation.

Philip Dixon, Manager - Facilities & Capital Development, Bendigo Kangan Institute

Project Overview

Project Name: Bendigo Kangan Institute

Location: VIC

Client: Bendigo Kangan Institute

Project Type

Service & maintenance


  • Significant contribution to 15-40% energy savings across all six campuses, over a 12-month period.
  • Significant savings in time and cost delivered through use of the innovative field service technology.
  • Provision of consolidated and comprehensive electronic reporting to the Institute through the use of field technology.
  • Fast and effective response to all work requests and associated issues through A.G. Coombs’ National Customer Service
  • Centre.
  • Support of Kangan Institute’s capital development planning and submissions through innovative tools including:
  • An audit and asset report, which has helped Kangan Institute to determine plant and equipment replacement and upgrades.
  • Long-term budget forecast development tools, which consider inevitable phase out and replacement processes.
  • Zero Lost Time Injury reported across the contract period.

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