The University of Queensland

A.G. Coombs was appointed by The University of Queensland (UQ) to plan, manage and deliver whole-of-asset-life maintenance services across the University’s multiple campuses; in excess of 518 active buildings over a range of sites including a large 97-hectare campus (St Lucia), a medical campus next to the Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital (Herston), a 972 hectare agriculture focused campus (Gatton), an inactive mine site (Indooroopilly), and two marine studies sites (Heron Island & Stradbroke Island).

To overcome the major challenge, that being the sheer size and diversity of the contract. A.G. Coombs has applied a different model to the way asset management and maintenance services are being delivered – taking a systems-based approach to maintenance as opposed to looking at individual assets. The service delivery framework also addresses the technical redundancy or obsolescence of aging assets, broader environmental and lifecycle considerations, operational performance, and condition and/or risk-based decision making.

Maintenance strategies were developed to optimise system performance and environmental outcomes over the short, medium and long-term, covering the University’s diverse installed base of heating, ventilation and air conditioning assets and building management and controls systems. The University’s comprehensive asset register was also updated and verified, using a purpose-built A.G. Coombs App to upload detailed information. A HVAC lifecycle / rehabilitation program was also established to run concurrently with the planned and corrective maintenance activities, to help bring systems to a common standard. And direct interoperability with UQ’s asset management system is allowing for the real time communication of all maintenance related activities.

As a leading research and teaching institution, UQ’s facilities have been built to perform to a very high standard. Maintaining this standard across such an extensive and varied portfolio certainly poses a challenge. Working in very close collaboration with A.G. Coombs, we are undertaking a new approach to asset management; one that we hope will result in optimised building performance and sustainable and resilient facilities across the whole portfolio and for the buildings’ lifecycles. We are excited to be leveraging A.G. Coombs’ integrated whole-of-life capability, from advice through to systems maintenance and management and building tuning, and are looking for their innovative performance based whole-of-asset life regime to deliver the required results.

Kevin O’Sullivan, Associate Director Asset Services (Property & Facilities Division), The University of Queensland

Contract Overview

Contract Name: The University of Queensland

Location: QLD

Client: The University of Queensland

Contract Type

Asset management services; mechanical maintenance services (holistic Whole-of-Asset-life maintenance services)


  • Performance based, whole-of-asset-life regime, which is bringing significant improvements to building system lifecycles and asset performance.
  • Full system integration for optimum operational efficiency.
  • All systems being brought to a common standard.
  • Real time communication of all maintenance related activities.

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