Applying New Procurement Methods and Collaboration to Deliver Complex Buildings

September 4, 2018

A.G. Coombs is proud to once again be a sponsor and to participate in the Tertiary Education Management Conference (TEMC), this year held at the Crown Conference Centre, Perth.

As part of our participation this year A.G. Coombs have collaborated with Box Hill Institute and the University of South Australia to present project examples that demonstrate new and better ways to deliver higher educational facilities.

Box Hill Institute – Applying a new procurement and delivery model to higher learning

Paul Gilmore, A.G Coombs

A mothballed TAFE campus in Melbourne’s outer east has been transformed into a vibrant and successful education setting with the help of an industry-first Managed Service Agreement between Box Hill Institute and A.G. Coombs.

Needing to reinstate deteriorating building services, the Institute in partnership with A.G. Coombs undertook a detailed assessment of the existing chilled water systems serving the Lakeside campus.

The assessment concluded that the condition of the existing chillers would require significant upgrades and/or replacements to serve the new and future needs of the Institute.

Conscious of the Institute’s overarching objective for environmental sustainability and energy efficient utilisation of their assets, a proposed mechanical services scope of works, associated budget and programme was subsequently put forward, which included the adoption of a Managed Service Agreement (MSA).

In late 2016, the Institute appointed A.G. Coombs as head contractor to complete the chilled water system refurbishment works as recommended under an MSA.

The MSA addressed the capital constraints faced by the Institute, and provided a viable and sustainable, cost-saving procurement and financing solution to meet the tight timeframes ready for the 2017 student intake.

The MSA included the design, procurement, installation, maintenance and ongoing operation of the new plant and equipment for a fixed term of 10 years. All responsibility for equipment risk and maintenance was carried by A.G. Coombs. No upfront capital from the Institute was required, with the works fully funded by A.G. Coombs finance partner, allowing the Institute to focus their capital expenditure elsewhere.

The project was delivered on time (12-week period from construction to commissioning) and on budget.

This collaborative partnership is an excellent example of how two organisations Working Together to Realise Big Ideas delivered a viable and bespoke turnkey solution, together with an estimated energy saving of up to $45,000 per annum.

This presentation will provide insights from Box Hill Institute (Customer) and A.G. Coombs (Service Provider) perspectives and what can be achieved when capital funding is scarce, timelines short and the student experience paramount.

Only TOGETHER Can We Achieve Successful Complex Facilities!

Christina Coleiro, University of South Australia, Warwick Stannus, A.G Coombs, David Tiller, Hansen Yuncken, Peter Vickery, O’Connor Services and Julien Pachot, KBR

This presentation will explore the challenges facing the University of South Australia and its Project Team in the planning and delivery of the Health Innovation Building (HIB) Project. The HIB Project is the largest and the most technically complex major capital project undertaken by UniSA to date. The complexity is staggering…. driven by site, technical building services requirements, scale, and diverse functionality. Only through identifying the challenges, risks and opportunities was a pathway paved which assembled a strong collaborative team working together to successfully deliver one of Adelaide’s most complex university projects.

Senior Project Manager Christina Coleiro, from UniSA will outline the key project challenges, factors and leadership decisions that enabled the establishment of a framework for project success.

Members of the Consultant and Construction Team, will explore the planning and collaboration opportunities that enabled a commitment to successfully achieving complex outcomes.

The Independent Commissioning Agent (ICA) Warwick Stannus from A.G. Coombs Advisory will explore the importance of integrated commissioning, witnessing and training to a project process. He will highlight the opportunities they open and the empowered outcomes that can be achieved. He will share the ICA’s observations of the unique ingredients in the HIB Project that have led to the delivery of a successful complex facility for UniSA and the future building occupants.

More information and to register visit the Tertiary Education Management Conference 2018 website.

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