QUT Medical Engineering Research Facility

The Queensland University of Technology’s Medical Engineering Research Facility (QUT MERF) is designed to meet Australia’s emerging needs in orthopaedic and artificial organ research, providing a comprehensive suite of research and training facilities at the one location.

A.G. Coombs Projects was tasked with ensuring the facility’s critical PC2 laboratory achieved AQIS certification.

The resulting mechanical services upgrade saw new refrigeration, compressed air and exhaust plant and equipment installed in the PC2 laboratory and in the surrounding holding bays. One of the bays houses a self-contained freezer room, which demands specific temperature control at all times.

The key challenge was to maintain the operational PC2 lab whilst ensuring compliance with AQIS.

The Queensland University of Technology’s Medical Engineering Research Facility plays a critical role in researching new medical devices and techniques. It was therefore essential that the PC2 laboratory met with AQIS standards. As the builder on this project, we wanted to appoint a mechanical services provider with proven PC2 laboratory experience and existing knowledge of AQIS Certification, as well as one with a positive track record in commissioning and handover. That is why we appointed A.G. Coombs. They delivered to our expectation and helped with ensuring a successful project outcome for our client.

Peter McMahon, Project Manager, Better Build

Project Overview

Project Name: QUT Medical Engineering Research Facility

Location: QLD

Client: Better Build

Project Type

Mechanical services upgrade


  • Project delivered on time despite changing design requirements.
  • Successful, high quality installation, complying with AQIS and client requirements.
  • All systems successfully integrated and commissioned.

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