Ideaction.Virtual Conference – Ahead of the Game 2020

May 29, 2020

The facilities management industry will come together virtually Tuesday, June 2 to share information and research, innovative practices and evidence-based practice case studies at Ideaction.Virtual 2020, the National Facilities Management Conference & Exhibition.

A.G. Coombs is a long-time supporter of Ideaction and in 2020 three of our leading experts will also be presenting at the event.

Performance Based Fire Protection Systems – Does your facility have a problem?

Marcus Royle

Project Engineer (Fire) – A.G. Coombs Advisory

The Shergold-Weir ‘Building Confidence’ report highlighted major compliance failures in constructed buildings, identified an underperformance by authorities, designers and government regulators, and singled out significant concerns with performance-based design solutions.

Many facilities include complex performance-based fire safety strategies requiring particular maintenance and testing regimes. The understanding of these systems is often very poor due to lack of documentation and inadequacies in the operation and maintenance of these systems has become a significant compliance issue.

How do you know if your facility has a problem? This presentation will explain the nature of typical performance-based fire protection systems and set out how to identify if there is an issue with how a system is operating, being maintained and managed. Strategies and methods to address issues that may be identified will be explained to show a clear way forward to ensure regulatory maintenance requirements can be met.

Facilities Design and Operation – Evolution by natural selection driven by real world data; a Darwinian model?

Andrew Smith, Leader

Building Technologies, A.G. Coombs Advisory

Useful digital information feeds are starting to flow from design and construction into the operation and maintenance of facilities. And real-world operational information is flowing back, influencing facility design.

Data is becoming a continuous system ‘deliverable’ – facility evolution by natural selection driven by real-world data!

The establishment of practical and enduring asset benchmarking and conditioning monitoring frameworks are essential to enable these platforms to provide high-value insights for delivering high performing building services assets, better building environments, lower life cycle costs and reduced environmental impacts.

This presentation describes these emerging frameworks and methodologies, offers case study examples to showcase how this is rolling out now, how the technology is converging, and beginning to influence how we think about designing, constructing, operating and maintaining facilities and their systems.

Connecting disparate data to achieve FM outcomes

Carl Agar

Senior Consultant – Assets & Facilities, A.G Coombs Advisory

The volume of building data and documentation is always growing. Most already face the challenges of ‘knowing what you know’ and then data accuracy and access in a timely manner. The increasing adoption of connected devices and cloud-based applications is multiplying the problems of awareness, accuracy, access and sheer volume and. The future and the greatest benefits will belong to those who can readily analyse and operationalise the data. To achieve this data needs structure and must be easily and reliably accessed.

The Virtual Buildings Information System (VBIS) provides a standard syntax to permit generic and reliable links to be created between applications and data repositories, combined with a standard convention for asset record labelling, or tagging, and a logical creation of a consistent data hierarchy.

This straightforward system makes possible the calling up of useful information from a range of applications including Building Information Models and FM systems to link to associated data sets seamlessly, regardless of the stage of the building lifecycle.

This presentation will describe the progress made in development over the last year and go through a case study of a deployment that was completed at a landmark facility in Australia

As a long-time Facility Management Association supporter, A.G Coombs has sponsored key note speakers at each Ideaction event since 2002.
This year we are very pleased to sponsor Mark Tierney from AustralianSuper and his  keynote presentation, ‘Economy Update; Learning the Right Lessons from the Crisis’.

Mark is the global economist for AustralianSuper covering the outlook for the key developed economies and the implications for financial markets.

For more information on Ideaction.Virtual 2020, visit the official Ideaction website.

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