A.G. Coombs is a Finalist in the Australian Workplace Health & Safety Awards

June 3, 2020

A.G. Coombs has been nominated in the Enterprise Health and Safety Innovation – Large Enterprise category for ‘Eliminating Silica and Other Construction Risks with Cast-In Anchors’.

A.G. Coombs pioneering introduction of the Cast-In Anchor solution for building services installation eliminates the potential exposure to silica dust, manual handling and debris-in-eye injuries that occur during drilling into concrete slabs. It significantly reduces the extent of overhead (and at height) work carried out during typical services installation. This enterprise initiative also delivers installation productivity gains. With appropriate planning the majority of under slab drilling can be eliminated, improving the working conditions for all construction workers.

Traditionally, overhead services fixings for mechanical and building services are installed in a hole formed in concrete by hammer drilling, one fixing at a time, using a knock-in fixing and then installing a threaded rod. Lengths of duct, pipe work, and trays for electrical cables are universally fixed to the underside of floor slabs using this method.

The Cast-In Anchor process involves the installation of a multi-threaded Anchor into poured formwork concrete decks. When the formwork is stripped away the Anchor is exposed in the slab underside and threaded rods are simply screwed into to support services from below. On a multi-story concrete building construction the process eliminates the need to drill tens of thousands of hammer drilled holes into the underside of concrete slabs.

To find out more about Cast-In Anchors, download the PDF here

To find out more about the Australian Workplace Health & Safety Awards, visit the website.

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