Citiport Business Park

A.G. Coombs Projects was engaged by The GPT Group as head contractor, to undertake a HVAC and mechanical services plant and equipment replacement.

The replacement saw the existing 23 rooftop packaged air conditioner (PAC) units removed and replaced with 21 new, more energy efficient units.

Following a thorough design review process, and a subsequent detailed review of the site the GPT Project team and A.G. Coombs looked at other options to install the equipment with a solution of a helicopter being used for the lifting of equipment, instead of a large mobile crane. The use of a crane would have required strengthening of the car park roof and slab, and would have caused disruption to the tenant’s car park, which was required to remain in use throughout the entire replacement process.

The use of a helicopter demanded a sophisticated coordination process, including coordination of the surrounding Port Melbourne offices and factories within a 500m radius, aviation and council permits, and traffic management of the surrounding streets. Additionally, numerous lifts, which could have taken several days if a crane was used, had to be undertaken in just a few hours, on one day. Planning of the sequencing was developed over several weeks and, prior to the nominated lifting day, the dedicated A.G. Coombs site manager spent a week on-site coordinating pre-lift arrangements, including reconfiguring warehouse space, to assist with the lifting sequence.

During the disconnection of electrical, controls and ductwork, the rain was so heavy that the A.G. Coombs site manager set up a marquee so that works could continue safely in a weatherproof environment. The challenging weather continued across all rooftop works, but the project was completed as planned.

“There were several challenges involved in this project. From their expert design input through to their precise coordination and sequencing skills, A.G. Coombs has proved that no challenge is too big for them. They went above and beyond to deliver the best outcomes, whilst maintaining high levels of professionalism and continuously demonstrating their commitment to safety. Their helicopter initiative was testament to their experience and capability, and the whole process would not have been as smooth without the extraordinary coordination of the guys on-site.”

Mark Lawrence, Regional Operations and Capex Manager, The GPT Group

Project Overview

Project Name: Citiport Business Park

Location: Port Melbourne

Client: The GPT Group

Project Value: $800k approx. (A.G. Coombs project value)

Year Completed: 2016

Project Type

HVAC and mechanical services plant and equipment replacement project


  • The replacement, which included 86 lifts, was undertaken smoothly in just six hours on the one day, demonstrating strong skills in coordination, and planning of the sequencing.
  • Roof steel platforms were designed and coordinated by A.G. Coombs to hold the larger PAC units, taking the weight off the roof.
  • High levels of professionalism and a continuous commitment to safety was demonstrated across the whole project.
  • Minimal disruption to Citiport’s staff and guests, and to the general public, across the entire process.

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