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Mechanical Maintenance Services

Upgrading the air conditioning systems in 108 fully tenanted residential apartments can have its challenges. A.G. Coombs delivered, exceeding client expectations with a value-driven solution that has improved system performance and enabled greater building operational efficiency.

The A.G. Coombs Service team recently delivered a sophisticated air conditioning system controls and valve upgrade to the SCALA Apartments located on Roy Street, Melbourne.

The team, who provide mechanical maintenance services to the 12 year old building, with the assistance of A.G. Coombs Advisory, proposed the controls upgrade to the SCALA Body Corporate on the basis that it would improve controllability, system performance and maintainability.

A.G. Coombs’ knowledge of the building and its systems meant that no additional field wiring or pipework modifications were required within the apartments, minimising the impact on residents. Other technical initiatives led to reduced installation times, reduced risk, and additional improvements in operational efficiency of the building.

The project featured:

  • Reduced installation times through the selection of pre-commissioned combined valves, which help with accurate water balancing and reduce the risk of future leaks.
  • Economical and readily available “Smart temp” controls, which required no additional specialist software.
  • The use of pipe freezing techniques simplifying individual apartment system isolation and resulting in reduced water loss during changeover. This approach also minimised the impact on adjacent apartments and removed the requirement for after-hours shutdowns.
  • No additional pipework which meant very limited air was introduced into the system; a new air bleed system was also installed further reducing system noise.
  • No additional field wiring, which reduced the impact on residents.

The key challenge in delivering the upgrade was the coordination of works, with all 108 apartments being fully tenanted. A detailed roll-out plan was developed and effectively implemented, with minimal disruption to the residents.

Project Overview

Project Name: SCALA Apartments

Location: Victoria

Client: SCALA Body Corporate


  • The upgrade has resulted in a more efficient overall system for the building.
  • Works delivered successfully with minimal disruption to the residents.
  • Management processes have been streamlined, with mechanical maintenance calls from the apartments now handled directly by A.G. Coombs, ensuring all works are undertaken consistently, effectively and in line with SCALA’s requirements.

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