Humidity Management in Hospitals - IHEA Queensland Branch 2017 Mid-Year Conference

July 17, 2017

David Oakeshott from A.G. Coombs Advisory Brisbane will present on Humidity Management in Hospitals at The Institute of Hospital Engineering (IHEA), Australia Queensland Branch 2017 Mid-Year Conference.

There are many factors which influence the quality of the internal air environment in hospitals including temperature, humidity, air ‘freshness’ and air velocity. All relative to the nature of the activity in the space. These aspects influence human perception of comfort and humidity in particular causes problems in healthcare settings when outside an acceptable range compromising the ability to perform medical procedures and the operation of sensitive electronic equipment. Poorly designed, commissioned, controlled or maintained mechanical services are usually the cause of unacceptable humidity levels in the working atmosphere.

David’s presentation will illustrate the important factors which contribute to a comfortable and effective healthcare internal environment. It will speak in particular to humidity problems in hospitals, and use case study material to demonstrate ways to identify, manage and rectify these.

The IHEA event will be held on Thursday the 20th and Friday the 21st of July 2017 at the Victoria Park Conference Centre, Herston QLD.

For more information visit the IHEA website here.

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