HMAS Cerberus – School of Survivability & Ship Safety

July 21, 2020

The newly constructed Royal Australian Navy School of Survivability & Ship Safety has multiple live training environments including a Gas Diesel Fire Fighting Unit and a Leak Stop Repair Unit. The RAN training objective is that this facility must replicate real situations as much as possible to properly train RAN personnel so they are prepared should they encounter these situations at sea.

The A.G. Coombs Group is very pleased with our involvement with HMAS Cerberus and Lendlease in the delivery of this challenging project. We are proud of the diverse range of skill sets and specialist capabilities provided by A.G. Coombs Projects and Walker Fire Protection leveraging off our previous involvement in complex Defence facility projects.

The project provides training environments that simulate diesel and gas fires, hull perforation and flooding that could eventuate while our Navy are at sea. Programmable Logic Controllers drive various aspects of the training facility including the swing articulation of the complete LSRU facility through a 20-degree axis driven by hydraulic rams and pivot bearings to simulate a ships rolling movement at sea. Flooding of the vessel is achieved using high flow pumps drawing water from a recycled water treatment plant and storage facility involving 242,000 litres of water in a single training exercise.

We hope that the skill sets developed in these facilities are never needed, but our Navy will be well prepared.

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