Winning A.G. Coombs’ Talent at the AMCA National Industry Excellence Awards

January 24, 2024

Trade & Technician Award
Lauren Campbell Air Conditioning Service Technician at A.G. Coombs QLD
(Lauren pictured with Russell Telford, Managing Director at A.G. Coombs Group.)
Future Leader Award
Ryan Leather Service Sales Support at A.G. Coombs QLD
(Ryan pictured with Russell Telford, Managing Director at A.G. Coombs Group.)

The Air Conditioning & Mechanical Contractors Association of Australia (AMCA) is the nationwide industry body that represents businesses in the commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) sector. The AMCA Australia National Industry Excellence Awards celebrates leaders in their field and outstanding performance in the provision of safe and environmentally sustainable professional services. Once again, in 2023 the people of A.G. Coombs were recognised for their excellence and overall contribution. Every A.G. Coombs nominee to make the national awards had already won their respective AMCA state award category.

Our people are our strength

People are our greatest asset and while A.G. Coombs recognises the excellence of team members through its own awards program and internal structure, winning industry recognition from respected peer organisations is especially rewarding.

With that in mind, the entire team at the A.G. Coombs Group of Companies was delighted that two of its own won major awards at the 2023 AMCA Australia National Industry Excellence Awards announced in November:

Dedication & commitment benefit clients & the industry

A serial award winner, it’s not the first time that Lauren has been recognised for the work she is so passionate about. She’s been referred to as an ‘HVAC high-flyer,’ having previously won the 2021 AMCA Onsite Tradesperson Award, the Queensland Training Awards’ Harry Hauenschild Apprentice of the Year and A.G. Coombs Queensland’s highly prestigious Allan Coombs Training Award in 2020.

“Winning this [2023 AMCA] award means a great deal to me. It allows me to step back and recognise the hard work and dedication I have put forth within my position,” said Lauren.

“I hope my, and each one of my fellow female tradies’, dedication can help shape where this industry can go,” she added.

Lauren is one of a growing number of female technicians at A.G. Coombs and another example of the organisation’s commitment to high performance through diversity and inclusion.

The future looks bright for the A.G. Coombs team

For Ryan, who has been with A.G. Coombs QLD for almost a decade, being the recipient of the Future Leader award is especially meaningful. It is an acknowledgement of his hard work and dedication to A.G. Coombs and the HVAC sector, coming up through the ranks first as an apprentice service technician and 2020 winner of the prestigious Allan Coombs Training Award; to now be part of the Sales & Estimating team.

“Winning the AMCA Future Leader award is a great honour and a motivational reminder of the importance of both what my team and I have accomplished, and what we are yet to achieve,” he commented.

“In the future, I want to become a senior leader within the A.G. Coombs Group. I want to be an effective and inspirational leader who brings out the best in the team around me and encourages collaboration with both internal stakeholders and other valued members of community and industry,” he added.

A wider A.G. Coombs group effort

Lauren and Ryan weren’t the only A.G. Coombs staff to be recognised at the 2023 AMCA Australia National Industry Excellence Awards. Apprentice Service Technician, Ethan Jones; Senior Project Draftsperson, Andrew Harkin; and Commissioning Technician, Blake Kilroy all received Runner Up awards in their respective award categories pictured below.

“Congratulations to Lauren, Ryan and every A.G. Coombs team member who won awards or received recognition at the 2023 AMCA National Awards. Our people remain our most important asset, and it is through their hard work, commitment and care that we continue to achieve excellence for our clients,” remarked Kim Hesline, Executive Manager Employee Services A.G. Coombs Group.

Runner Up
Trainee / Apprentice of the Year Award
Ethan Jones
Apprentice Service Technician at A.G. Coombs QLD

Runner Up
Trade & Technician Award
Blake Kilroy
Commissioning Technician at A.G. Coombs Projects NSW

Runner Up
Engineering & Technical Award
Andrew Harkin
Senior Project Draftsperson at A.G. Coombs in Moorabbin
(Andrew pictured with Richard Drigo, Vice President at AMCA Board of Directors.)

Engineering & Technical Award
Thomas Bennett
Engineer at A.G. Coombs QLD

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