Transformer – Reimagining HVAC

February 22, 2021

Just as the $2.7 billion Paramatta Square initiative reimagines Parramatta’s commercial and civic centre, the HVAC design of one its flagship commercial office towers could have a similar transformational influence on the HVAC industry.

In the February 2021 edition of AIRAH’s Ecolibrium magazine, Sean McGowan reports innovative high-performance HVAC system delivered by a highly collaborative team of A.G. Coombs and LCI consultants to meet rigorous fitout requirements while achieving ambitious sustainability targets.

  • Unique hybrid Passive Chilled Beam and Low Temperature VAV system. This system significantly reduced ceiling head height requirements – enabling an additional floor to be added to the building!
  • Advanced design featuring high efficiency chillers, hybrid cooler plant and EC plug fans to achieve a 5 Star + 15% NABERS Energy base building rating whilst catering for high outside air / high heat load tenancy requirements.
  • Leading BIM techniques to optimise design for the very intensive fitout requirements and support state-of-the-art modular prefabrication and construction techniques.
  • Leading-edge system instrumentation and chiller control to tune systems maintain efficiency.
  • Combined return-air fan system serving multiple AHUs featuring sophisticated supply air fan control algorithm utilising real-time flow rates.
  • Sophisticated integrated HVAC and smoke hazard management strategy for the very large centrepiece building atrium.

The sophistication of these systems represents a significant step forward for mechanical and HVAC services in Australia.

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