Leaving on a jet plane – Major redevelopment of Sydney Airport’s T1 International Terminal

July 7, 2020

Coinciding with its centenary celebrations a major redevelopment of the international terminal and its 21 gates that included significant changes to the HVAC systems has delivered significant outcomes for passengers and the airport.

In the June-July 2020 edition of AIRAH Ecolibrum magazine, Sean McGowan takes a close look at this project.

A.G. Coombs worked closely with consultants Cundall to deliver the new integrated HVAC system that incorporates a demand-controlled ventilation capability to maintain internal air quality. Energy efficiency has been improved with the new design and the system is also able to function as part of the smoke exhaust system. Changes to system configuration have created additional space in the terminal, improved security arrangements and enhanced maintenance access.

A key challenge was the logistics required for the phased staging of the works during the 24-month project to ensure minimal disruption to passengers and airport operations. Only one of the 21 gates was closed at any time.

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