Integrated Technical Management — operationally-focused technical management for critical facilities

January 11, 2024

  • When continuity of service and availability is critical, Integrated Technical Management (ITM) is engaged by some of Australia’s most critical, complex and operationally challenging facilities.
  • Clients include tier 1 data centres, large museums and art galleries, archives and courts facilities.
  • A “whole of life” approach to technical facility management is mapped to clients’ business needs and objectives delivering operational reliability and long-term value.
  • Underpinned by sophisticated asset management and maintenance processes, Integrated Technical Management delivers operational surety and long-term value.

For now over 20 years, A.G. Coombs’ Integrated Technical Management (ITM) has provided professionally managed and operationally-focused technical building services to some of Australia’s most critical, complex and operationally challenging facilities.

These include technical facilities management for hard services, technical project management, essential safety maintenance and strategic advice to support  business operations and objectives.

A whole of life approach

Integrated Technical Management’s approach to technical facility management services is mapped to client business needs and objectives. This brings a “whole of life” focus to matching facilities capability and amenity to business requirements both now and in the future.

Deploying professionally managed technically experienced personnel and technologies, Integrated Technical Management manages and maintains client assets at optimal levels, delivering operational reliability and long-term value.

“Today’s facilities rely heavily on technology at many levels, and therefore facilities management has undergone an evolution,” says Andrew Shedden, General Manager at Integrated Technical Management.

“Integrated Technical Management’s role is to closely support and collaborate with managers of facilities responsible for complex or high-risk, business critical sites, with a range of competencies that take into account a holistic view of the total built environment. We draw together the diversity of skills required to ensure robust and enduring operational performance and reliability, and confidence in contractual and legislative compliance.”

Drawing on the Group’s specialist capability

As well as an internal staff across management, operations and contracts, Integrated Technical Management’s multi-skilled onsite technical personnel seamlessly integrate into client operational structures and embed with facility management teams.

Integrated Technical Management is also able to call on the breadth of technical expertise offered by the A.G. Coombs Group including A.G. Coombs Service, Walker Fire Protection and A.G. Coombs Advisory plus a well-established national partner network of specialist skills and trades where required.

“Buildings are more complex today than ever before, and building services have become so intertwined that our clients recognise the importance of our specialists, the benefits that come from familiarity with the site, and the relationships that are established,” says Andrew.

“We are closely aligned with our clients, working together to ensure the best outcome for their facilities, and ultimately their business.”

Market leader in data centres

Integrated Technical Management and the A.G. Coombs Group are a market leader in data centre infrastructure design, construction and operations having led or been involved in some of the most significant and technically complex data centre projects around Australia.

As well as a strong pedigree in the operation of data centres, Integrated Technical Management has proven experience in the management of client data centres on a cloud-migration pathway.

Ensuring continuity of service

Other sectors in which Integrated Technical Management specialises include major government complexes, museums and cultural institutions, healthcare facilities, laboratories and large commercial sites — all environments where continuity of service and availability is critical.

Integrated Technical Management’s diverse range of clients include ANZ, Court Services Victoria, National Museum of Australia, Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House, High Court of Australia, National Portrait Gallery, National Film and Sound Archive, Creative Victoria, the Aligned Leisure Group and the Melbourne Indigenous Transition School.

“Integrated Technical Management has a unique whole-of-asset-life approach to building services management and maintenance; one that ensures the best outcomes for everybody,” said Stephen Kaye, Manager Facilities & Procurement, Museum of Australian Democracy.

Discover more about Integrated Technical Management at or contact your closest A.G. Coombs office and ask to speak to someone from Integrated Technical Management.

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