Dicing with Danger – Top 10 Issues with Fire Damper Installations

April 27, 2022

In the event of a fire, dampers play a key role in keeping occupants and emergency services safe – but only if installed correctly.

In the April-May edition of AIRAH’s HVAC&R News, Sean McGowan along with Gary Rake, CEO of the Australian Building Codes Board and Warwick Stannus, Group Engineering Manager at A.G. Coombs, looked at 10 of the most common problems with fire damper installations.

  1. Incorrect Damper Mounting
  2. Incorrect Damper Position
  3. Oversized Penetrations
  4. Rigid Duct/ Damper Joints
  5. Inadequate Access
  6. Damper Incorrectly Applied
  7. Debris
  8. Incorrect Packing
  9. Other Services
  10. Incorrect Installation Instructions

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For AIRAH’s Design Application (DA) manuals DA05 – Guide to fire and smoke control in buildings using AS 1668 Part 1, and DA06 – Guide to fire, smoke and air dampers using AS 1682 Parts 1&2 go to

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