Cloud Control - 3 key trends in data centre HVAC

October 9, 2018

Such is the growth in data centres globally that researchers have predicted the ICT industry could consume as much as 20 percent of the world’s electricity supply by 2025.

In the October 2018 edition of AIRAH Ecolibrium magazine, Sean McGowan takes a look at three trends impacting HVAC data centre design, both here and around the globe with a number of experts including Mark Toner, Manager, Data Centre and Telecommunication Facilities at A.G. Coombs.

“The availability and cost of energy to supply some of our biggest data centres will rival the energy consumption of heavy industry of the past,” says Toner.

He goes on to add that cooling is a big part of the energy profile and therefore a priority. Any efficiency gains and lower energy consumption in a cooling plant will translate to the operator’s bottom line as well as improved environmental credentials.

View the full article.

More information AIRAH’s Ecolibrium publication is available here.

The recent A.G. Coombs Advisory Note on Improving Data Centre Infrastructure Efficiencies is available here.

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