A.G. Coombs Group Net Zero 2030

December 13, 2021

The A.G. Coombs Group declares a commitment to a Net Zero goal: Scope 1 and Scope 2 operational emissions by 2030, and will work with its value chain, industry partners and customers to achieve Net Zero Scope 3 emissions by 2040.

Climate change is the most critical challenge facing the world today. Through their construction and operation, buildings are responsible for nearly 40% of annual global CO2 emissions. As the industry leader in building services the A.G. Coombs Group is committed to minimising its emissions impact.

The world must move from a ‘best endeavours’ carbon reduction process to a definitive and transparently accounted for elimination approach.

A.G. Coombs Group Managing Director Russell Telford states, “It is important that A.G. Coombs as a significant provider in the Australian property and building construction industry’s supply chain has a strong process in place to be part of this transition, including a clear commitment to a Net Zero operating position.”

A.G. Coombs has operated a successful Environmental Program since 2005 with the dual objectives of reducing the environmental impacts of its operations, and assisting customers and clients achieve the same. Year by year improvements framed by an independently certified AS/NZS ISO14001 Environmental Management System, have seen investments in solar PV systems and low energy technologies result in low carbon intensity offices and factory facilities. Close management of its vehicle fleet has minimised fuel usage. A.G. Coombs is recognised as a leading provider of energy efficient building services systems and its Building Energy Optimisation Programs® and Carbon Roadmaps® are featured in many of Australia’s highest rated energy efficient buildings.

A.G. Coombs have a long history of industry leadership and contribution; often focusing on training, safety and sustainability, and will continue to work to build industry capability to support the transition to Net Zero.

For more information on A.G. Coombs Net Zero 2030 please contact us.

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