Sustainable FM with Cardinia Life

Cardinia Shire Council has invested in significant facility and plant upgrades at Cardinia Life to optimise plant and equipment operations.

Leisure centre facilities are typically high consumers of energy and water and historically these facilities have not focused on environmental strategies.

Aligned Leisure and Integrated Technical Management have worked closely with Council to reduce the facility’s water and energy consumption without impacting asset longevity or service delivery to customers.

Challenges, Issues and Goals

Cardinia Life is one of the Council’s top energy water users across the municipality and considerable effort has been applied to reduce the environmental footprint from this facility.


Council’s Energy Transition Plan sets 2024 targets of zero net emissions for its operations.

Approach and Methodology

Integrated Technical Management engaged its affiliate AG Coombs Advisory to commence a Building Energy Optimisation Program and Carbon Roadmap.

Initiatives to reduce energy usage included:

  • Replaced 15kW pool circulation pump, improved sealing of strainer basket –now be able to run on only 1 pump instead of 2.
  • Installed LED lighting in Gym.
  • Replaced Exhaust fan in DHU2 with more efficient fan.
  • Installed LED lights in pool hall.
  • Replaced air conditioning unit serving the Gym with energy efficient model.
  • Increased Gym setpoint from 18 degrees to 19 degrees, further increase to 20 degrees to be trialled with new air conditioning unit.
  • Replaced all lights in the female toilets with LED’s.

During the same period required operational changes increased energy usage:

  • Increased runtime for air conditioning equipment in the Gym due to move to 24/7 operation.
  • Replaced air conditioning unit serving the RPM room with more efficient equipment that can meet the cooling demand of the room.
  • Installed 16 large exhaust fans in the stadiums to improve ventilation.

Initiatives to reduce water usage included:

  • Addressed issues with rainwater harvesting system, rainwater is now used for pool top-up.
  • Installed water-efficient fixtures and fittings.
  • Addressing issues with backwash water harvesting to enable use for toilet flushing.
Role of Facilities Management

Knowledge and experience of Facility Managers from Aligned Leisure and Integrated Technical Management has been instrumental in the identification and successful implementation of the energy and water saving initiatives.


Significant improvements in energy and water usage have been achieved at Cardinia Life. Council’s Energy Transition Plan sets 2024 targets of zero net emissions for its operations. Council’s work with Aligned Leisure and Integrated Technical Management continues with the team targeting further consumption reductions of 15% per annum.

Contact details

Andrew Shedden, General Manager – Integrated Technical Management
Tel: 0421 345 877  |  Email:

Project Overview

Project Name: Cardinia Life - Sustainable FM

Location: Pakenham, Victoria

Client: Aligned Leisure

Project Type

Facility Management and Plant Upgrades


  • Energy management initiatives have produced significant reductions in both electricity and gas consumption.
  • Cumulatively over the period June 2016 to August 2019 these have resulted in avoided greenhouse gas emissions of approximately 225 tCO2-e, equivalent to taking 50 cars off the road.
  • During the period June 2016 to December 2019 initiatives to reduce water usage have caused the average daily consumption to reduce from 40,000 litres per day down to 10,000 litres per day.
  • The successful energy and water usage reduction initiatives at Cardinia Life are recognised as industry exemplars.

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