Celebrating World Refrigeration Day 2022 - Cooling Matters

June 23, 2022

Held annually on the 26th of June, World Refrigeration Day is an international initiative that raises awareness of the benefits of cooling. It also aims to inspire development and adoption of innovative and sustainable cooling solutions by the public, governments, industry, and practitioners for the wellbeing of future generations. This year’s theme is ‘Cooling Matters’.

Aimed to stress the importance of cooling in a wide variety of daily areas like food, data centers, medicine and air conditioning, this year’s theme is ‘Cooling Matters‘.

“Our objective is to make the public aware of cooling’s essential benefits, how cooling impacts daily life, and how technology choices foster environmental well-being of future generations.” – Steve Gill, World Refrigeration Day founder,

“Cooling is at the very heart of modern life,” Gill said. “It enables people to live and work comfortably, it saves lives [and] it enables people to achieve. The need for cooling is everywhere; it touches lives in fantastic, though often unnoticed ways. However we look at it, cooling matters to us.”

Buildings generate nearly 40% of annual global CO2 emissions. Of those total emissions, building operations are responsible for 28% annually, while building materials and construction are responsible for an additional 11% annually. “How RAC systems are maintained and operated is one of the most important actions the world can take to address climate change,” said Rajan Rajendran representing ASHRAE’s Refrigeration Committee and the Global Food Cold Chain Council.

‘Cooling Matters’ will help tell the story of how our well-being depends upon cooling and how cooling technology choices can safeguard the well-being of future generations.

To learn more about World Refrigeration Day, visit:  https://worldrefrigerationday.org/

To learn more about the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of innovative and sustainable cooling solutions please contact A.G. Coombs

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