AIRAH Big Data and Analytics Forum 2022 – Transitioning Modern Buildings from Construction to Operation - 447 Collins St, Melbourne

June 15, 2022

The Big Data and Analytics Forum is the opportunity to connect with industry leaders from across the built environment discussing emerging trends in big data and exploring how data can be used more efficiently as we transition to net zero.

Joining industry experts at the Forum will be A.G. Coombs Advisory’s Andrew Smith.

Transitioning Modern Buildings from Construction to Operation
Case study – 447 Collins Street, Melbourne

Andrew Smith, Leader – Building Technologies, A.G. Coombs Advisory

Transitioning today’s modern buildings from construction to operation can be a challenging process. Factor in the interoperability between building systems and the expectation that these sites will perform effectively, efficiently and fault free from day one, and the challenge becomes even greater.

This case study will discuss one such transition of a mixed-use, high-profile Melbourne site and provides real-life examples of utilising both design and operational data to track, maintain, tune and optimise building performance through applying automation analytics, advanced system visualisations, 3D virtual navigation, asset maintenance analytics, and VBIS tagging to provide an end-to-end solution.

The presentation will cover the journey of the facility through its commissioning and handover phases to full operation and discuss the importance of forward planning and system configuration to ensures success when applying analytics. Andrew will look at the roles of the humans in the process of applying and utilising analytics and big data. Analytics can be just noise without the correct interpretation by the right subject matter expert.

Lastly, Andrew will look at how analytic insights can be applied to real-time data from the field, pass through to user interfaces to provide enhanced visualisations, enable automatic fault detection and diagnosis (AFDD) and data driven maintenance (DDM) while linking directly to technical documentation and maintenance records, a convergence of applied technology and data analytics.

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