Will Murray Community Project

Who is Will Murray?

In January 2016, Will Murray, a teenage boy from Sandringham, Victoria, sustained a serious neck injury when he was playing with his mates at a local beach in Melbourne’s bayside suburb of Black Rock. The accident resulted in catastrophic damage to Will’s C5 vertebra and diagnosis of quadriplegia from severe spinal cord injury.

Will is currently living with his family in his Grandparents house. He requires specialist medical help and assistance, including regular physiotherapy sessions, and can only return home once the necessary modifications to his current family home have been made.

How is A.G. Coombs involved?

The Will Murray Community Project is one that closely aligns with A.G. Coombs’ core values, and one that is based in what has been our head office’s local community now for over 70 years.

The A.G. Coombs Group, in conjunction with our specialist suppliers and subcontractors, are working with a dedicated team of voluntary architects, builders and disability specialists to help transform Will’s current Sandringham home into a space that is more suitable for him and his living, therapy and special needs requirements. We have set up our own project team to ensure the safe and smooth delivery of the fit-out, which will include the delivery of electrical, plumbing, air conditioning, heating, fire protection and security services. We will also be providing ongoing maintenance services to these systems at no cost to Will and his family.

Even after the family home has been transformed, Will will still require ongoing care and support for the rest of his life. The cost to provide this will amount to approximately $300,000 per annum. A.G. Coombs has implemented several employee fundraising initiatives to assist Will and his family, so that Will may continue to live the best possible life.

More information on Will Murray can be found on the Where There’s A Will website.

Supporting Partners of A.G. Coombs

We would like to thank our trade partners and suppliers for their support and generosity on the Will Murray Community Project, without whom the transformation of Will Murray’s family home would not be possible:

Will Murray Supporters