Taking Control of Your Building Management and Control Systems and Delivering the ‘New Digital Promise'.

July 9, 2019

Like most technology products Building Management Systems undergo seemingly endless cycles of change. The demand for up to date, reliable and useful data is growing, and a multitude of new systems and providers are able to provide information feeds from buildings. And building owners, operators and users are demanding more from systems that used to be back-of-house.

This article* by A.G. Coombs Advisory’s David Oakeshott, published in the June 2019 Winter edition of the Institute of Healthcare Engineering Healthcare Facilities Journal, sets out clear steps for taking control of Building Management and Control Systems and delivering on the ‘New Digital Promise.

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For more information on A.G. Coombs Advisory go to: https://www.agcoombs.com.au/what-we-do/advisory/

To download the A.G. Coombs Advisory Note ‘ Are you in Control of your BMCS go to: https://www.agcoombs.com.au/news-and-publications/advisory-notes/

*The article is based on a paper presented at the 25th Congress of the International Federation of Hospital Engineering, October 2018 in Brisbane, Australia.

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