Rack 'Em Up - Keeping Data Centres Cool

October 10, 2019

The Data Rush – Australia’s data centre environment is a rapidly evolving one, as worldwide players set up shop to satisfy our appetite for technology.

In the October 2019 edition of AIRAH Ecolibrium magazine, Sean McGowan takes a look at the current issues impacting HVAC data centre design with a number of industry experts including Mark Toner, Manager, Data Centre and Telecommunication Facilities at A.G. Coombs.

“In the high-performance computing space, we are seeing some solutions being developed with liquid cooling direct to the server in the rack,” says Mark. “This is enabling rack densities of up to 80kW, significantly reducing data centre footprints.”

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The recent A.G. Coombs Advisory Note on Improving Data Centre Infrastructure Efficiencies is available here.

For more information on A.G. Coombs’ Telecommunications and Data Centre services, visit: https://www.agcoombs.com.au/what-we-do/projects/https://www.agcoombs.com.au/our-markets/telecommunications-data-centres/

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