Walker Fire Protection - On The Block!

August 7, 2018

The 14th season of Channel Nine’s reality TV series The Block has hit our screens.

Featuring the historic Gatwick Hotel in St Kilda. Walker Fire Protection provided fire protection services for the project to Channel Nine.

The work involved a progressive demolition and a base build, followed by fit out works supporting the contestants who transform the old hotel into new luxury apartments.

A compliant fire detection system is required to be maintained throughout the project and a new sprinkler system was installed. The works were staged closely in line with Channel Nine’s production schedule. As the schedule was kept ‘tightly under wraps’ it was essential to work very closely with the head contractor Erilyan to maintain the project programme.

Channel Nine also required fire detection and occupant warning in the areas where the contestants slept in line with the Metropolitan Fire Brigade requirements.

Yes, the contestants actually slept on site!

Walker Fire proposed a concept involving wireless detectors with sounder bases that could be relocated during the project. The MFB had been particularly concerned with people living on site during production without fully operational fire detection or occupant warning systems. Walker Fire’s solution was received with enthusiasm, and it removed the requirement to rewire every few days on a congested site in a tight programme.

The Block can be seen on Channel Nine.

Contact us for more information on The Gatwick and Walker Fire’s role.

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