FMA Ideaction 2016: Cloud technologies for facilities and asset management; Data analytics and Building Automation Systems

June 2, 2016

Ideaction is the National Facilities Management Conference & Exhibition that brings together the facilities management industry to share information and research, innovative practices and evidence-based practice case studies.

This year’s Ideation will take place in Melbourne on 5-8 June 2016. The conference theme is “Leading the change” and A.G. Coombs is again contributing to the program with presentations focused on the use of new and innovative technologies and the opportunities these will bring to our industry:

agcoombs-carlagarinline_397x484Utilisation of cloud technologies to augment facilities and asset management
Carl Agar, Senior Consultant – Assets & Facilities, A.G Coombs (Monday 6 June, 11.25am)

New capabilities in asset and facility related data acquisition and analysis, and field mobility technology will not only revolutionise how we manage facilities and their technical assets for improved performance, but also provide innovative ways to analyse and project lifecycle and cost. Carl’s presentation will set out the opportunities and show how new technology is enabling this change, together with highlighting the importance of a good asset information strategy in order to reap the benefits.

agcoombs-andrewsmithinline_397x484Big Data, Analytics and Building Automation Systems
Andrew Smith, Leader, Building Technologies, A.G Coombs (Tuesday 7 June, 11.15am – 11.55am)

There is a great deal of focus around using data analytics to improve the operation, maintenance and performance of buildings – is this really the magic wand to solve all energy efficiency, performance and maintenance issues? Andrew’s presentation will discuss the opportunities that this new information technology capability beings as well as maximising the inbuilt capabilities of the building automation system itself to deliver improved outcomes.

For more information on Ideaction 2016, visit the official Ideaction website.

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