Data Ontology – New Reality

November 26, 2021

Facility owners and managers rely on accurate information for planning and to keep building systems and their components operating effectively.

Each year, buildings produce greater quantities of data. To analyse all this data and make buildings perform better, we need a framework that can capture and organise these myriad properties and relationships. The data ontology is that framework.

At AIRAH’s Big Data and Analytics Virtual Forum 2021 A.G. Coombs Advisory’s Carl Agar joined other industry specialists in a panel session focused on session on data ontologies. The latest edition of AIRAH’s Ecolibrium offers the highlights from the conversation.

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VBIS – Included in a number of Government Digital Asset Strategies and Data Guidelines, Virtual Buildings Information System is a freely available and system-agnostic standard that provides a means of classifying asset data, resiliently connecting data sets and supports BIM in FM. It integrates data sources across systems at the required level of detail to provide facilities managers with an easy way to locate key asset and maintenance information to support facilities management outcomes.

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