Webinar Series: HVAC and COVID-19

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Aerosol transmission is now accepted as an important SARS-CoV-2 infection mechanism, and it is recognised that HVAC systems can play a role in helping to manage the risk of virus transmission. This short presentation and Q&A session will provide an overview on viral transmission, how HVAC systems work, and the practical HVAC operational measures that can be considered along with possible design changes to reduce the likelihood of the virus spreading. The impacts that these changes could have on energy consumption and building energy ratings will be covered along with Indoor Air Quality rating schemes and the actions that large commercial facility owners are currently considering to address this issue. The attached Advisory Notes are provided as optional pre-reading.

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Bryon Price

Bryon Price is a Mechanical Engineer with notable and long-standing experience in air conditioning and building services design, installation and maintenance, along with energy efficient and sustainable buildings. He is Strategic Development Director for the A.G. Coombs Group of companies and has been responsible for a wide range of building services, environmental and energy projects. These have included innovative and award-winning projects with major financial, commercial, institutional and retail organisations, and Commonwealth and State Government Departments.