Meet Daniel Waack, Prefabrication Supervisor - Celebrating 75 Years

September 8, 2020

Introducing Daniel Waack. Employed with A.G. Coombs Projects for over 6 years now, Dan has recently changed roles from Project Engineer to Prefabrication Supervisor.

We spent some time getting to know Dan. Here’s what she had to say:

How long have you been at A.G. Coombs?
I’ve been working for A.G. Coombs Projects for almost 6 years now.

What were you doing before you started working at A.G. Coombs?
I was still studying but I actually started with A.G. Coombs before I finished my course at University and did some vacation work for about 6 months before applying. I really enjoyed the work I was doing so I applied and the rest is history.

What’s the most rewarding part of your role at A.G. Coombs?
In my 6 years here at A.G. Coombs I’ve been lucky enough to work across a number of different roles. The most rewarding part across all these roles would have to be the people that you work with and working in a team environment. I really enjoy working with different teams to tackle different problems and together, achieve high-quality results.

What’s the most memorable project you’ve worked on?
The most memorable project I’ve worked on would have to be a pharmaceutical project which I was able to get involved with right from the Engineering and upfront design stage, through to delivery and commissioning to see the final results. Years later, I was then able to work on another project on the same pharmaceutical site where I was lead Project Engineer. I was able to see the project from a different view and had the opportunity to interact more closely with the client and builder.

What is something you are currently looking forward to?
In my new role as Prefabrication Supervisor, I’m really looking forward to seeing what the future of Prefab will look like. I’m excited to see where it goes, what drives it and what changes there might be in the industry to assist it to be the new normal… as well as my role in all of that.

Watch Dan’s video 

Click here to see more on how A.G. Coombs is Celebrating 75 Years.

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